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Age 3

Rosie ended her 2nd birthday (May 2021) in A&E (Accident & Emergency in UK) as she was having absence seizures throughout the day and night. She was then diagnosed with a brain tumour, had a full resection at surgery. A biopsy was taken which showed she had a grade 4 cancer called ATRT.

Rosie had 9 intense rounds of chemotherapy and 30 Proton Beam Radiotherapy treatments. She completed treatment in December 2021, but unfortunately relapsed in February 2022; this time in her spine.

Rosie has recently completed radiation on her spine on the tumour area and we are hoping she can start on Tazemetostat soon.

Currently the UK does not have trials for ATRT and we are trying to raise as much as possible for Rosie to travel to the USA for a trial.

Update: 5/16/22 - 3rd Birthday

Unfortunately, her family has just received some devastating news about the spread of her cancer. Please follow Rosie's Facebook or Instagram page for the latest update. Her most recent scan results are not included in the story submitted by Rosie’s mom. 

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