Age 4

Shourya - means "The brave one". Shourya started his battle at 2 Years 10 months on March 27th, 2019. 

We got the news of his diagnosis on Mar 24th, the day our happy world was shaken, and we knew it wouldn't be the same after that day for the rest of our lives. But we never lost hope and decided to try our best to battle this beast. 

He is fond of Avengers and Spiderman is his favorite, he believes that he is getting treatment so that he will be a spider man someday. He has been NED right after the surgery. His treatment will be completed by April end this year. 

One long year of struggle, 30 chemo sessions, 24 radiotherapy sessions, 6 platelet, and 3 blood transfusions. He tolerated it well and he always surprised us with his will power, he gave us immense strength with his smiles. 

He showed us the real meaning of life, he is my Guru, my God, My Father and My Son "Shourya"- The brave one. 

By Shourya's dad, Sai.