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Artist Pajon Battles

Our little angel, Artist Pajon Battles was and still is a gift to us. We were so elated to find out we were having a girl in April of 2017, and even more happy to welcome her here October 9, 2018.  

Our 5 months with our precious was so special to us, we were able to see the smiles and those dimples every now and then after about 3 months and then she started to coo which was so exciting for us as new parents. 

You could only imagine our devastation to find out she had a terrible terminal illness and we would lose her at 5 months. However as believers in Christ, we know she is with Jesus and her spirit will be back in her little brother or sister. We believe she knows Mommy and Daddy adore and love her and cherish every moment God allowed her to be with us until he decided to take her home.

Artist Pajon Battles
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