Out of Zion Award Program

2019 Recipient:  ATRT Translational Research Program  

Total 2019 Award: $25,000                                         

In collaboration with the Hope4ATRT Foundation, the ATRT Translational Research Program, within Beat Childhood Cancer, focuses on identifying children with ATRT to support them through clinical treatment trials, and provide resources for the affected children and their caregivers. The Out of Zion Award from the Hope4ATRT Foundation offers assistance for children with ATRT to enroll in The Signature Study: Molecular Analysis of Pediatric Tumors with Establishment of Tumor Models in an Exploratory Biology Study. This study allows the tumor to undergo complete genomic analysis to better understand the biology of each child’s tumor by identifying the mutations or pathways active in driving the tumor. In addition, the tumor cells are grown in culture and xenograft models for high throughput drug screening.

Our funding goes to directly benefit a child with ATRT. 

Hope4ATRT Foundation

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Out of Zion, Inc.

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