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Bereaved Resources

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Offering peer-to-peer mentoring, virtual bereavement support groups, online community, and grief webinars.

Madeline's Mission

A navigational resource for parents, guardians, siblings and immediate families experiencing child loss. They offer a monthly virtual peer guided grief group. Email for more details.

In addition to immediate loss care for those local in Maine, they have compiled an incredible suggested reading list for those grieving of all ages. 

Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation

A monthly virtual support group for parents who are grieving the loss of a child due to pediatric cancer. Parents will have the opportunity to meet others who have a similar experience, share and listen to one another’s stories, and ultimately receive support, comfort, and hope as they navigate life without their loved one. Please e-mail Serena at to register or for additional details.

Compassionate Friends

A self-help organization offering friendship, understanding, and hope to bereaved families that have experienced the death of a child.​Worldwide Candle Lighting held on the 2nd Sunday in December.

The Solace Tree

Providing emotional support and resources to grieving children, teenagers and families. 

Hospice Foundation of America

Grief is a reaction to loss. Our reactions are unique and individual; none of us experiences grief exactly the same way. Find grief articles, videos and more.​

Nancy Guthrie's Respite Retreat (Texas & Alabama)

Married Couples Retreats for Infant or Child loss. 

Is there a resource that you have found valuable that we need to add to our list?  Please let us know!

The information provided here is purely informational and does not imply endorsement from Hope4ATRT nor does it guarantee eligibility for assistance.

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