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Updated: May 25

We are excited to announce that this week, we will be collaborating with Lantern Pharma for #BrainTumorAwarenessMonth in an effort to continue our mission of spreading awareness and information about ATRT.

We recently met Lantern at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting where we learned about their commitment to supporting the ATRT cancer community and how they are using AI to help develop novel drugs for ATRT and other pediatric brain cancers. Learn more about Lantern by visiting their website or vising their social channels Lantern Pharma Inc | LinkedIn & @LanternPharma | Twitter


[Video] ATRT Facts


[Video] Drug Facts

Did you know – There have been NO drugs developed and approved specifically to treat malignant pediatric brain tumors like ATRT?

An urgent and unmet need is for the development of safe and effective cancer treatment options.

Lantern and their subsidiary Starlight Therapeutics are committed to shifting the narrative for drug development for pediatric brain tumor patients. One way they are doing this is by leveraging AI to help develop novel and effective therapies to help create meaningful change for these patients.


Zion's courageous battle gives us the drive to make a difference for the next child.


Today we are sharing the Angel story of Zion Yamoah, the son of Hope4ATRT Foundation founders, to honor his legacy and to support all the other incredible children who are fighting battles with ATRT.

His story reminds us of the challenges that ATRT patients face and the importance of our efforts to develop therapies to help fight this very rare and aggressive #braintumor.

Learn more about Zion’s story and the Yamoah family’s journey at:

  • hope4atrt

Amie Marzen is the mom of ATRT angel Madeline, and founder of Madeline's Mission.

A silly, sweet, loving child, Madeline spread joy to all who knew her. She was always quick to give a hug or share a silly song. Madeline was diagnosed with AT/RT three weeks before her 4th birthday and fought hard to stay with her family and friends, however she passed away just two short months after diagnosis.

As her family and friends began to grieve the loss of this bright light, it became apparent the need to help fill in the gaps in care surrounding the loss of a child. In her memory, Madeline’s Mission was formed to help share the kindness Madeline spread throughout her short life– and help provide hope to families surviving child loss.

For additional bereaved resources, visit:

#pediatriccancer #pediatriccancerawareness #atrt #atrtcancer #atrtangel #bereaved #grief #childloss #peertopeersupport

  • hope4atrt

Rachel Krieger and Max Horn are the parents of ATRT warrior Ollie and the founders of Ollie’s Orchestra.

Ollie was diagnosed with ATRT in April 2019 at 9-months-old. Ollie is still fighting cancer and in active treatment.

The mission at Ollie’s Orchestra is to provide music to infants and children with a cancer diagnosis and their families with the goal of channeling the joy, stress relief, distraction and peace that music can elicit. One goal is to provide backpacks, guitars and other quality musical instruments to infants and children with a cancer diagnosis in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Visit their website for more information:

#pediatriccancer #pediatriccancerawareness #atrt #atrtcancer #atrtwarrior #musictherapy

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