Travel Assistance

Miracle Flights for Kids

Provides free commercial flights to those in need of life-changing medical care, not found in their local communities.

Angel Airlines

Patients may access help supported by AACP by calling 888-675-1405.

Information specialists will talk with the patient and determine the exact travel need and then refer them to the best type of assistance.

Angel Flight East

(215) 358-1900

Provides free air transportation for those with medical conditions who need treatment that is far from home. Patient must be medically stable.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation


Provides funding for transportation and lodging  for eligible families who are financially burdened by traveling away from their home hospital for care that is only available elsewhere.

Chance for Hope Foundation (Houston, TX)


The Chance for Hope Residences are one-bedroom, fully-furnished apartments in the Texas Medical Center, provided on a first come first served basis, at no cost to families traveling to Houston for pediatric cancer treatment.

Is there a resource that you have found valuable that we need to add to our list? Please let us know!

The information provided here is purely informational and does not imply endorsement from Hope4ATRT nor does it guarantee eligibility for assistance.