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Charlotte Jewell was born February 16, 2021. She was diagnosed with ATRT when she was six months old. The day she was diagnosed, our whole world was changed. We literally packed up everything and headed to Birmingham to Children of Alabama. This would be our home for the next 4 months. There, she completed 3 rounds of induction chemo (tumor shrunk significantly) and 1 round of high dose stem cell chemo. 

Shortly after, her brother was born, and she was back in the hospital. We received news that no parent in our situation wants to hear. That her tumor was still growing. She was then started on Memmat protocol. Within a month, it was still increasing in size. Immunotherapy was given as our next option. Within another month, there are no changes. She was put on hospice and passed away peacefully in her momma's and daddy's arms on June 1, 2022. 

She fought hard against this horrible disease for 9 months and still managed to smile and play every day. She is the strongest and bravest person, and we are honored to be her parents.

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