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Rosie was diagnosed with ATRT on June 10, 2021. She had 9 intense rounds of chemotherapy and 30 Proton Beam Radiotherapy treatments. She completed treatment in December 2021, but unfortunately relapsed in February 2022; this time in her spine. By May 2022, by Rosie’s 3rd Birthday, her family received the devastating news about the spread of her cancer.

Rosie’s family shares, “She was the bravest girl we know. She was a fighter and fought a hard fight all the way to the end. What she had to endure over the last 14 months because of cancer, and the way she dealt with it all, she is an absolute hero. She was the most polite, caring, and sassy little girl. She lit up any room she walked into.”

Rosie Lucy Spence

May 16, 2019 ~ July 14, 2022

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