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Age 1

March 12, 2023: 

Ahmet Uraz Göbül is 5 months old and has been fighting for 2 months with ATRT. His surgery and chemotherapy treatment went great with no tumors present at this time. His treatment protocol is the same as successful examples with chemotherapy treatment and frozen autologous transplants are next in the stem cell department. Ahmet’s mom shares, “I hope success will be on our side.”


  • Likes to eat his hands

  • Loves his older brother Yaman and he misses him very much

  • Smiles every time you kiss him

  • Loves surprises and miracles

His parents call him Ironman and Spartacus

September 23, 2023: Update for Ahmet's 1st Birthday

  • Ahmet had three rounds of stem cell transplantation with high-dose chemotherapy

  • He is ok now

  • His MRI and CSF are clean (NED)

  • Ahmet will begin his radiotherapy in the coming days

November 7, 2023: Completion of Treatment Update 

Ahmet Uraz Göbül completed his 10-month treatment protocol today. He is now tumor-free and cancer-free. He cannot hear out of his right ear, and further testing needs to be done on his left ear. He will also undergo shallowing tests.

His family shares, “We couldn't have imagined such recovery when Ahmet started his treatment at 4 months old. We are celebrating and wanted to share his story to give hope for other families.”

Ahmet’s treatment protocol was ACNS0333:

  • 2 courses of preparatory chemotherapy

  • 3 autologous transplants

  • 28 sessions of radiotherapy

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