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Age 5

Asher was diagnosed in August of 2017- just a few weeks after his first birthday. He had 3 tumors, the large frontal lobe one, the small frontal lobe one, and the scary one (a hemorrhaging tumor located in the pineal region). 

He bravely endured 3 major brain surgeries, 2 rounds of yucky chemo, 3 rounds of brutal chemo with stem cell rescue, and 30 rounds of focal radiation to finish treatment in June of 2018. We just celebrated stable scans last week, and he continues to be NED, but closely monitoring a treatment related cyst.

We are 2 years post-treatment from ACNS0003 with focal radiation. He had his last scans 1 week before his 4th birthday and everything continues to look stable!

Today, Asher is a happy 5-year old who loves his dog, books and Lightning McQueen. He continues to make forward progress on eating, speech and balance post-treatment.

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