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Age 6

Carson's ATRT journey started when he was 4 years old. His parents took him to the hospital on Dec 22nd, 2021, after 24 hours of fever and throwing up. The doctors put him on antibiotics for meningitis, and a few days before his discharge; he had a seizure. The MRI led to finding a mass on his occipital lobe.

After multiple MRIs, the doctors removed his tumour on Mar 30th, 2022. The tumour was entirely resected, but the biopsy revealed ATRT. Carson started his chemo in April of 2022. He did three rounds of chemo in Ottawa and two rounds of stem cell transplant in Toronto. Then, he completed 30 rounds of radiation and is on his 9th cycle of chemo maintenance.

Carson’s MRIs have been cancer-free since the resection, and he's enjoying being a kid again. He starts grade 1 in a few weeks and is looking forward to getting back to playing hockey in Sept.

Carson spent his 5th birthday in an isolation room in Toronto, so this year, his parents are organizing a giant street party with inflatables, a dunk tank, and a street hockey game. He deserves a huge celebration!

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