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Age 5

May 11, 2023:

Elih was diagnosed with ATRT in November of 2022. During his 14-hour brain surgery, he suffered a stroke, which left him unable to walk or talk or eat. 

Elih is on the ACNS0333 protocol and is on his last of five rounds of chemotherapy and his last of 3 bone marrow transplants.

Within the last 7 months, Elih has received several surgeries, including 3 Broviac placements, a G-button surgery, and a shunt placement. Through it all, Elih continues to keep a happy spirit.

Once Elih is done with this last cycle, he will have 6 weeks of daily treatment and a long line of speech, physical, and occupational therapy ahead.

Elih’s mom, Angel, shares that she wants to, “thank God for how far he has brought my son and just ask for continued prayers.”

September 24, 2023: Update for Elih's 5th Birthday

  • Elih got to ring the bell on August 10th!

  • He is doing well and has finished all his treatments.

  • He is now going to physical therapy twice a week to learn how to walk again. 

  • His last scan in August was clear and now he goes every 3 months to get scans.

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