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Age 14

In July of 2017, at the age of 8, Gavin with ATRT. He began the ACNS 003 protocol at Children's Hospital of Orange County the following week. 

After a couple of rounds of chemo, the tumor had shrunk enough so that he was able to have surgery to remove part of the tumor. He then had 3 more rounds of high dose chemo with stem cell transplants, followed by 6 weeks of proton radiation. He ended treatment on February 28th, 2018.

His MRI in July of 2018 showed a spot that they suspected was a recurrence, after a biopsy, it was determined to be radiation necrosis. He then underwent 40 hyperbaric treatments to treat the necrosis.

In February of 2019, Gavin had a routine MRI that showed a new tumor in the original tumor bed. He then had surgery to respect the tumor and it was confirmed that his cancer had returned. He had surgery to put a port in his head and also his chest. He began a yearlong chemo protocol called MEMMAT and finished on February 2, 2020.

Gavin has lost a lot during his battle with ATRT, including the use of his left hand, he has limited mobility and balance, his vision in his left eye and peripheral vision in both eyes are pretty much nonexistent. He has foot drop and he will face a lifetime of difficulties due to the harsh treatments that he has endured. Even though cancer has taken a lot from Gavin, the one thing that has not taken is his SMILE.

4/17/2021 Update - 12th Birthday: Gavin finished the MEMMAT protocol for relapse in February of 2020. He has been enjoying the last year being off treatment and has grown so much. Since finishing treatment, he has had clear scans. The latest scan in February even showed improvement...the spots on the MRI that his team had been watching had shrunk. He is off all medication! He was able to have his port removed a few weeks ago. He still has left sided weakness but goes to therapy 3 times a week and hopes to be able to race in an off road race car in the future, like his dad and big brothers. He loves hanging out with his cousins and friends. He recently went to Tennessee to visit family and now says that he wants to move there and be a game warden. He has been, in his words, "living his best life" and we are beyond grateful that almost 4 years after being diagnosed, he is still here and thriving.

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