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Age 7

Isabella was diagnosed with a brain tumor on 1/13/17. She was 17 months old. 

Isabella began having symptoms a week prior. She was randomly vomiting and losing her balance. After throwing up at daycare, she was taken to the pediatrician who noticed a slight head tilt to the left when Isabella walked. The doctor scheduled a CT scan that afternoon “just to be on the safe side”. That same evening we were admitted to the oncology unit at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. 5 days later Isabella had a craniotomy to remove and biopsy the tumor. We received the devastating diagnosis of ATRT.

Not only does ATRT have a very poor survival rate, it also doesn’t have a standard treatment plan. This is left for the parents and medical team to decide, which is an impossible and daunting responsibility.

Isabella underwent 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 days of radiation treatment. She spent the majority of 2017 in patient and in isolation.

In March of 2018 Isabella completed treatment and rang the bell. She is currently cancer free and thriving.

Isabella has now reached the 2 year post treatment mark which increases her survival rate. This has been a huge milestone for us. She continues to get MRI scans every 4 months for now. We know how lucky we are. ATRT takes most kids. I hope this will inspire and bring HOPE to others in this journey. Never give up hope.

8/9/2020 Update -  5th Birthday: 2.5 yr scans show NED!!!

8/9/2021 Update - 6th Birthday: Isabella starts Kindergarten next week, learned how to swim this summer and is excited that she’s a “big girl” now. Tomorrow she has her 3.5 year off treatment MRI. Her family is confident that she will be clear all the way.

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