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Age 3

Jason is a lion of a baby and he has fought this cancer with a smile on his face at all times. We have had our dark and tense moments, but his bright blue eyes remind us it’s never the time to give up. 

Diagnosed at 11months, flew from Italy to Memphis, and started treatment in August 2019. NED since resection and we’re so very grateful for this. He is going through maintenance right now and should finish around August or September. Next scans in June. Right now, we’re working hard every day on learning how to walk, talk, and properly use the left arm and just recently started lifting it spontaneously!!! 

8/17/20 Update (2nd Birthday): 

Jason is happily recovering from the LAST round of maintenance chemo sealing off the long awaited end of treatment. The next scans will take place at St. Jude on September 8th. He’s working hard to overcome the radiation necrosis that ensued in May, one of the many side effects that complicate the life of all these little fighters to various extents. 

Right now he’s alive, he’s well, he’s smiling and enjoying life, and this is plenty to be grateful for, to EVERYONE who has supported him, directly and indirectly. We hope one day we’ll be looking back to these moments that forged in him the resilient warrior he has become, fighting off the shadow of relapse that our cancer survivors have to deal with.

8/17/21 Update (3rd Birthday): 

We are exactly one year off treatment but the challenges don’t stop coming. This time around we are dealing with mild seizures but he’s not letting them slow him down and he’s starting preK soon. He’s looking forward to making lots of friends and learning new things!

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