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Age 5

Mackenzie was diagnosed just weeks after her 2nd birthday. She had been randomly vomiting for 6 weeks prior. When all blood and urine samples had been negative, we took her to an ER and asked for a scan. That is when we found a frontal lobe tumor the size of an orange. 

The neurologist said he would only biopsy it because she would have too many strokes. He hoped it could be shrunk with radiation. We called the best hospital in Texas and asked for a transfer. We got it! The tumor was removed at 100% and not one stroke or any weakness! 5 days later we got the ATRT diagnosis. 

We have been blessed in our journey. 2.5 years with no evidence of disease and just a one time occurrence. I can't stress enough that we are blessed! 

Follow Mackenzie's ATRT Journey on Go Fund Me.

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