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Age 4

Michael was diagnosed in February ‘22 when a ruptured malignant rhabdoid tumor was discovered in his chest that quickly progressed into his spine. He received a partial resection and immediately began fighting in March ‘22. After multiple surgeries, 7 cycles of high dose chemo, and 30 sessions of proton radiation; Michael rang that bell in October ‘22 and is currently waiting for his next set of scans in February ‘23.  Through the grace and mercy of God, Michael was and continues to be strong and courageous, handling treatment and its aftermath exceptionally well.

Michael’s joy and zeal for life is contagious. He’s always taking time to stop and smell the flowers anywhere he goes. He also loves playing with his big brother, spending time in church, reading stories, splashing in the pool, dancing, and all things dinosaurs, animals, military, and spider-man.

Scan Update from Michael's Family - February ‘23. Michael is officially NED! Michael received a clear scan last week. (Praise God!!) Even with a relapse scare, there’s STILL hope!  His next scan is in May, and hopefully he stays clear til then.

February '24 Update. Michael had his quarterly scans in January. His family shares they are blessed to be celebrating not only his birthday, but one whole year officially NED!

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