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Age 4

Miles was diagnosed with ATRT (SHH subtype, M+ patient) on Christmas Eve 2022 at age 3.  He had a 99% resection of his primary tumor at OHSU Doernbecher in Portland, OR and began ACNS003 at Seattle Children's early January.  His treatment plan included 3 rounds of induction chemotherapy and 3 rounds of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue.  Intrathecal topotecan was also used throughout treatment to help clear the disease spread located in other areas of his brain and spine.  

Miles concluded ACNS in mid-June and had an incredible response to frontline treatment.  With this in mind, his team at Seattle Children's along with our family decided to pursue maintenance chemo (Tazemetostat with monthly intrathecal Topotecan) in lieu of radiation.

Miles resumed preschool in late September and continues to do well on Tazemetostat.  His next MRI will take place in early January 2024.  You can keep up with Miles' journey on his Caring Bridge:

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