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Age 8

Oliver “Ollie” Lemieux was diagnosed with an ATRT tumor on his lower spine when he was 8 months old. He responded very well to treatment and is NED, but over the years has experienced issues due to treatment and has undergone several surgeries and lots of therapy to help him thrive. 

During treatment Vincristine caused temporary paralysis of Ollie’s swallowing muscles and he has been in intense feeding therapy ever since to help with his severe anxiety and food aversion. 

In just the last year Ollie no longer is dependent on his gtube for nutrition because he will willingly eat table food. Ollie also has a cecostomy port that controls his bowels as he has no control over his bladder/bowels due to tumor location. This has helped “normalize” him in social settings with his peers who are unaware that he is incontinent. 

Today Ollie is an exuberant, monster truck loving 8 year old who is 7 years out of treatment with no relapse and about to enter survivor clinic.

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