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Age 14

Quinton's fight began in late October. He sustained a football injury to his back. After several chiropractic appointments and an ER visit, Quinton's back pain subsided somewhat, but pain then migrated to his knee. He continued playing football and then moved into wrestling. Due to persistent pain, he saw an orthopedist who ordered an MRI.

The MRI was performed on December 9, 2023. A few hours later, the family received a call stating the MRI showed a large hematoma pressing on his spinal cord and instructing them to go directly to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. Upon arrival, the hospital reviewed the MRI and clarified that it was not a hematoma but a large tumor. Quinton was admitted that evening.

The very next day, he underwent a repeat MRI and then proceeded directly to surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Due to nerve entanglement, surgeons were unable to remove all of the larger tumor. They removed his vertebrae from T11-L2. Additionally, several other smaller tumors were found along his spine, including in his S1-S2 region.

Quinton started emergent radiation on December 28th due to the tumor growing back and compressing on his spinal cord again.  He completed 28 radiation treatments, with 8 targeted to the tumors and 20 targeting the entire central nervous system (CNS) via full brain and spine radiation.

Following radiation, Quinton started chemotherapy on March 4th. He is currently undergoing his fourth and final cycle, each lasting approximately 28 days.

Due to the tumor's location and nerve involvement, Quinton has some paralysis on his right lower side. He has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair. He will wear a TLSO brace for spinal support until he finishes his oncology treatments. After that, he can then undergo spinal fusion surgery.

This has been a life-changing event for the family, as Quinton was an active 14-year-old who participated in football, wrestling, and track. Six months into this fight, Quinton maintains his spirits high and continues to push forward with a smile.

Follow Quinton’s Facebook group for updates on his journey ~ Quinton’s Fight: Defeating ATRT.

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