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Rosie M

Age 5

Rosie was diagnosed with AT/RT at 11 months old.  She had a gross resection in July 2019.  She then completed 6 months of induction chemotherapy followed by 32 fractions of proton radiation followed by 10 months of chemotherapy.  

After completing her therapy, Rosie was NED. Sadly 6 weeks later, Rosie's cancer returned.  

Rosie had another surgery, but about 30% of her tumor remains.  She has been doing well on the MEMMAT protocol.  She had some small regrowth in October (2021) and completed 30 more fractions of radiation.  

Rosie has such an amazing spirit and lovable personality.  She loves seeing all her favorite nurses and doctors and giving lots of hugs.  Rosie loves dancing, music, stickers, spending lots of time with family, friends and therapists.  Her new favorite thing is jumping waves in the ocean with her two sisters.

Update on Rosie’s journey on her 5th Birthday (August 2023):

Rosie was diagnosed with a secondary leukemia diagnosis of APML in March 2023 related to treatment for AT/RT. Rosie had a rough run and a long month of induction in the hospital. After induction she continues to have treatment for her new diagnosis and is treated monthly for AT/RT. Rosie developed left facial paralysis and has physical delays.

Rosie M
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