Age 8

Taylor's journey started nearly 2 years ago following his 5th birthday. His first MRI showed 3 tumors in the skull, another MRI showed 2 more additional spots in his spine. 

He was treated emergently. Started with chemotherapy less than a week after his crainiotomy. Started radiation within 2 days post op. He endured 9 months of chemotherapy and 36 doses of a combination of photon proton therapy. 

He has a rare complication of treatment called Disseminated Necrotizing Leukoenchephalopothy. We continue to manage late effects that pop up. 

Over all, this little man of ours has taught us so much about life in his 8 years than I could ever imagine. He continues to inspire us and challenge us. He has been in remission for just over a year. We are looking forward to getting out of the hospital and starting therapy to regain some strength and abilities.