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Age 6

Vincent was just 4 months old when he was diagnosed with 2 brain tumors. 

Vincent went through 13 months of intense chemotherapy including a stem cell transplant, endured 6 brain surgeries, over 200 days in-patient, over 100 blood transfusions, went into liver failure, developed hearing loss, lost the majority of the motor function on his left side, and has fought hard to live every day for the past 22 months. He was NED for 13 months but devastatingly relapsed with a new primary tumor just 5 months after ending treatment. He started chemotherapy again in March  and will have his 17th brain & spine MRI the first week of May (2020). 

Vincent also has a germline mutation, Rhabdoid Predisposition Syndrome, that makes him more likely to develop rhabdoid tumors. 

February 2022: Update on Vincent's 4th Birthday

Vincent has been doing incredibly well the past 18 months. He has made tremendous progress in his development and recently started walking independently. His personality is pure joy.

Unfortunately, a recent scan revealed very enlarged lymph nodes in his chest and his team is concerned that he may have developed a secondary cancer. This week he was admitted to the hospital for monitoring and a biopsy. Vincent will be celebrating his 4th birthday in-patient while waiting for biopsy results.

February 2023: Update on Vincent's 5th Birthday

Vincent is currently in maintenance treatment for T-Cell lymphoma, a secondary cancer he developed from treatment for ATRT. He has recently started to walk independently and his family started to look into pre-school!

February 2024: Update on Vincent's 6th Birthday

Vincent started Kindergarten this Fall and he loves going to school. He is learning how to make friends and developing important life skills, and he is thriving!

Vincent is almost always happy. He is very loving and affectionate, with a little ornery streak and a comedic personality. He laughs with his entire body so purely and innocently, it is contagious. And his sense of humor is hysterical.

Vincent is still on active treatment for his secondary T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and continues to receive treatment for ATRT. Despite treatment, he has been feeling good and doing well. There was a small note of concern on his last Brain MRI, to closely monitor this he will be having another Brain MRI on March 3rd. It will be his 44th Brain MRI.

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