Age 3

Vincent is 3 and currently in treatment for relapsed ATRT. He was just 4 months old when he was diagnosed with 2 brain tumors. 

Vincent went through 13 months of intense chemotherapy including a stem cell transplant, endured 6 brain surgeries, over 200 days in-patient, over 100 blood transfusions, went into liver failure, developed hearing loss, lost the majority of the motor function on his left side, and has fought hard to live every day for the past 22 months. He was NED for 13 months but devastatingly relapsed with a new primary tumor just 5 months after ending treatment. He started chemotherapy again in March and will have his 17th brain & spine MRI the first week of May. 

Vincent also has a germline mutation, Rhabdoid Predisposition Syndrome, that makes him more likely to develop rhabdoid tumors. 

Vincent is currently thriving. He is a happy little boy full of joy and love. 

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