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Age 8

Zayvian is a spunky 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with ATRT at 2 years old. After 2 brain surgeries, chemo, a relapse, 3 stem cell transplants, and 6 weeks of radiation Zayvian was declared NED in June of 2019. He rang the bell June 19, 2019. He then suffered radiation damage (inflammation in his brain) and lost all ability to walk, talk, and even sit up on his own. 

After being on Dexamethasone for a couple of months he has started talking, sitting, and standing on his own again. We are currently working towards him walking again.

Update 11/28/2021 on Zayvian's 6th Birthday:

Zayvian continues to do awesome! He is getting ready to finally go to school next year! Zayvian just had an MRI that looked great so MRIs are moved to every 6 months now!  He is just living his life and having a blast.

Update 11/28/2022 on Zayvian's 7th Birthday:

Zayvian has now started school and is officially considered a survivor! Some of his favorite things now a days are pizza, animals, money, and magic.

Update 11/28/2023 on Zayvian's 8th Birthday:

Zayvian is still doing well and is in 1st grade now. He is really into animals and wants a variety of them, including lions, cheetahs, polar bears, monkeys, penguins, and scorpions. He loves looking at pictures of them on his family’s phones.

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